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学术学生管理Academic Student Management


学术程序由资深的老师检视。 ISE老师也会帮你设计一个专属你的学习计画并达到你的特定目标,像是考试或是改善语言的弱点。





Maria Seneni (Italian, December 2013)
"I love this school. The lessons are really fun"

Pichamon Mink (Thai, June 2014)
"Thank you for everything. This has been my best holiday EVER"

Marc. Molenat (French, 2011)
"I recommend ISE Brighton because I met professional and friendly teachers"

Hüseyin Sayan (Turkish, 2012)
"The reception staff are accessible, kind and always smiling"

Christine Tarschinski (2012)
"ISE is welcoming and all the teachers and staff want to make you feel comfortable"

Katharina Franzen (German, 2011)
"Its a great opportunity to meet people from different countries in the world and to learn about our differences"

Mohamed Daoo (Libyan, July 2014)
"This school is the best school in UK"

Ivan Garcia Peris (Spanish, July 2014)
"Everything at ISE is great"

Jashar Toska (Albanian, July 2014)
"ISE Brighton is wonderful for any new student because they have good teachers and loads of activities. I love studying at Brighton ISE"

Carmen Ordoñez (Spanish, August 2015)
"The staff were very helpful in my first days. They always greet you with a smile!"

Fernando Hernandiz (Spanish, August 2015)
"Thank you for everything. See you next summer"

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