Progress Promise

Your English is guaranteed to improve with ISE Brighton

Improving our students' level of English is our priority. Our teachers are all qualified, experienced and trained to help you develop your English skills and reach your targets using proven classroom methods, ISE's student centred philosophy and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each student.

To make guaranteed improvement in English, we ask you to follow the ISE Brighton Rules of Study:

  1. Attend all your classes
  2. Complete all your homework
  3. Arrive to class on time
  4. Participate in all classroom activities
  5. Speak only English in class

To progress from one level to the next, on average the following classroom study hours are required:

Level CEFR Level Full time (15 hrs  p/w) Total Hours Exam
Absolute Beginner to Beginner 0 - A0 6 to 10 weeks Up to 150 -
Beginner to Elementary A0 - A1 6 weeks 90 -
Elementary to Pre-Intermediate A1 - A2 8 to 9 weeks 135 KET
Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate A2 - B1 10 to 12 weeks 180 PET / IELTS
Intermediate - Upper Intermediate B1 - B2 12 to 20 weeks 300 FCE / IELTS
Upper Intermediate - Advanced B2 - C1 12 to 20 weeks 300 CAE / IELTS
Advanced - Proficiency C1 - C2 12 to 16 weeks 240 CPE / IELTS

ISE Brighton will offer you free additional classes and support if you haven’t progressed to the next level having studied the required class hours and followed the ISE Brighton Rules of Study. 

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