As an International Student...
Why choose Brighton?

Posted On 23 Febrary 2017

As an International Student…Why choose Brighton?

Whatever springs to mind when you think about the United Kingdom, one thing is for certain: there can be a few better places to be a student than the most cosmopolitan English seaside resort town of Brighton, especially for an International Student who wants to expand on either Learning the language completely anew or enrolling to study as a new language.

I believe that university is not just about obtaining a degree – it is also a way of life.

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So why do students continuously choose Brighton as their top most choice to study?

To name just a few …

Tangent 1: Beach…Pubs and Restaurants and…Beach Side Pubs and Restaurants

Let’s face it, if you ask any student in the United Kingdom, and perhaps also anywhere in Europe, to name one Seaside resort town that is the first choice for International Students to study in, majority of them will have Brighton on their mind.

So, besides the vast expanse of the Sea, Brighton also has an eclectic diversity of Beach Side Pubs and restaurants offering an array of cuisines - from Boho, Italian, Burger Places, Indian Curries, Sandwich Bars, Coffee shops, Fish and Chips to Pizza and Ice Cream Parlours. 

Tangent 2: English Language Proficiency … and Educational Institutions

Another major attraction for international students looking to join a Language School is the fact that Brighton has lots of prospects to study in English and improve your English language skills, which has numerous benefits when you go back to your home country or even if you decide to stay or work in the City. 

There are more than 20 different English Language Schools just in Brighton and Hove (East Sussex), to choose from and just as many or more Homestay Accommodation options to choose from, most of which are very close to the institution and most of which offer Home Stay Tutors as well. And if you have ‘been there and done that’ and would rather be a part of one of the many Internationally Acclaimed Higher Educational Institutes, this place has an abundant selection of Colleges and universities at your door step.

And this doesn’t stop here…If you are writing your thesis, Dissertation or just a normal assignment, Brighton has a number of local services to help with Translation, Proofreading, editing …everything that will help foreign and local students become a success the first time around, and get that well deserved Degree!

Tangent 3: Water Sports…and Leisure Sports

Talking about the Beach and Sea, if you are student that wants to find an extra activity outside of your dorm room, College, School or University... or you just need some time away from studying and the stress of examinations, Brighton’s Beach and surrounding areas have loads to offer in terms of Sports facilities – ranging from Sports and Leisure Clubs offering Football, Basket Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis and activities like volleyball, sailing, swimming and boat rides. So if you need to get out of ‘study-mode’ and need to take a walk or sit on the beach and read…this is the place!

Tangent 4: Cafés and Wi-Fi Spots … and Local Services

Wi-Fi has gone from becoming a luxury to a necessity, and no place understand this better than Brighton. Walking along the main roads, gazing around, you will find majority of the Street-Side Café’s offering FREE WI-FI, advertised on their doors or windows. So, not only do you have to get stuck studying in the four walls of your institution, but you also have the option of doing the same in a Wi-Fi Café, not to mention ordering a Coffee, Cake or sandwich would be a good idea if you are going to be there for a while. With a little change of scenery…who knows what can happen?

Written by Biba Reyatt
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