What's new in the 2015 Cambridge exams?

Posted on 18 květen 2015

Your questions answered by ISE teachers who teach the courses and ISE students who've already taken the new exams

What ISE students said about the exams:

Michael Maas - Germany 

"The test was ok. I thought that it would be more difficult. Fortunately, it wasn't. 

I can't compare it with the old exam, since I have never done it. Nonetheless in my opinion, the Use of English part was easier, because it was shorter.

After all I would say that everybody who really wants to pass the exam, can do it. But only if the person works hard enough"

Michael passed CAE 

Alfonso Sanchez - Spain 

"Despite being aware about the shorter amount of time for the Use of English and Reading exams, it was still difficult to get everything done in time. Apart from that, the rest of the exam was how I expected, as my teacher had explained. 

I think I would have got a better score if I had practised my writing more. I learnt that the more practise and correction I get from my teachers, the better score I'd get" 

Alfonso passed FCE with a score of 170



Hazel Parker - Director of Studies at ISE

"As a result of the changes that were made to the FCE and CAE exams in January 2015 both teachers and students have had to familiarise themselves with new course books, exam layout and timings.

 The new FCE exam:

The new CAE exam:

ISE exam teachers Simon and Anna have 35 years combined experience between them and have experienced updates to the exam in 2015 and 2008 since its previous revision in 1996. The new changes have been incorporated into their lessons and ISE students are getting the latest material in class"


Simon King - Senior Teacher

"Its important to know how the exam works so you go into each part of it prepared. Although the changes are slight, its important to manage your time and get all the latest exam techniques from your teacher!"

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