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Hello! I Study English in Brighton known as ISE Brighton is your first stop for any language course in the city. We are an accredited English Language agency with the knowledge of 20 years experience in the EFL (English as a foreign language) industry.

We’ve got agreements with all the British Council accredited schools in the city to offer you the best available courses.

Let us help you find a course so you can join us in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Brighton!

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About ISE Brighton

Until 2020 ISE Brighton was Intensive School of English, a popular school based in Brighton’s lanes. Following the pandemic I closed the school and created I Study English in Brighton to guide my students to the best remaining courses in the city.

I Study English in Brighton now works with all the accredited English language schools in the city. We’re happy to guide, advise and assist you in making important decisions for your study trip to the UK.

Importantly, we are able to maintain a direct line of contact with you and answer all questions you have about your prospective study experience. No matter how important or trivial, any question is a good one. Until you arrive, we will remain available to you and maintain contact during your booking process.

Finally, our low operating costs enable us to offer discounted prices for all courses in Brighton. So feel free to research your course online before coming back to us to make your booking.

I look forward to welcoming you soon!

Oliver Eke
Managing Director, ISE Brighton

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