Application for Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Application Form (for STUDENTS) 

Accommodation is an essential aspect of any course and the most comfortable and enjoyable way to experience a stay in England is with a Homestay or Residential Accommodation arranged by the school. Alternatively, you may prefer Private Accommodation. 

What is Homestay accommodation?

In a homestay you will live with local English speakers and experience an authentic home lifestyle. You will live as your hosts live, eat the same food and spend time at home together. Many students enjoy the homecooked food and extra feeling of security in a homestay.

Homestay hosts offer a warm welcome in their homes for a maximum of 4 students and provide a friendly environment for you to practice English in a relaxed, informal setting. 

Residential accommodation is the name for accommodation where more than 4 students are staying but still in a home environment. It is not a halls of residence building and is not suitable for students under 18. ISE Does not have a halls of residence. 

ISE Brighton accommodation staff organise homestay requests and have direct contact with our registered and inspected hosts. 

Internet & Wi-Fi     

All ISE homestays have internet and Wi-Fi connections which students may use for free. 

Accommodation Rates

Arrangement Fee - A £50.00 non-refundable fee for arranging accommodation


Homestay families offering half-board provide bed, breakfast and evening meals everyday, and lunches at weekends. 

Single room = £154 per week
Shared room = £133 per student, per week

Half-Board Premium (private or en-suite bathroom)

1 Student = £182 per week


Self - Catering

Alternatively, some students prefer breakfast only or self-catering facilities. Some ISE Homestay hosts provide a bedroom, bathroom and use of kitchen where students can cook their own meals. With this arrangement, students can be independent but still have some contact and conversation with the host. It's particularly suitable for anyone with a special diet.

Single room = £133 per week
Shared room = £112 per person, per week

Self Catering Premium (private or en-suite bathroom)

1 Student = £161 per week


High Season Supplement: July & August, Christmas & New, Year

A supplement of up to £21.00 per week for a single room and £10.50 for a twin room will be added during July, August and Christmas/New Year holidays. 

Halal food

Families who agree to buy and cook halal food = £21 per student, per week supplement

Download the Student Accommodation Application Form 

Payment & Booking of school organised Homestay

Accommodation organised by the school is available to students studying a minimum of 15 hours per week and full payment should be received at least 2 weeks in advance or be booked as early as possible in order to find a room suited to your preferences. 

14 days notice must be given before leaving a homestay before the agreed end date. Less than 14 days notice given for an early departure will still be charged / not refunded for an early departure.

For any accommodation questions or issues, please contact ISE Brighton:


Tel: +44 (0)1273 384800

 24 hr Accommodation number: +447480446767


Application for Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Application Form (for STUDENTS) 


ISE PDF forms open best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Private Accommodation (not organised by ISE)

Staying in Private Accommodation is when you stay in a hotel, rent a flat or arrange to rent a room by private agreement with a hotel, landlord or letting agency. 

Longer term students may prefer to hire a flat for the duration of their stay. Long term lets of more than 6 months and short term holiday lets are available through various letting agents. If you would like information about Private Accommodation please telephone or email the accommodation officer to discuss options.

Typically flats must be let on a minimum of 6 month period, with many agencies charging the full six-month rental fee in advance. Students are responsible for Utility Bills (water, gas, electricity, phone / internet, Council Tax) for the duration of the rental period. As tenants, there is also a responsibility to keep the flat in good condition, and return it at the end of the period in the same condition that it was received. 

Living in private accommodation will limit your contact with English speakers and all living responsibilities like cooking, shopping and cleaning will usually be yours. 

Short term accommodation in Brighton can be found using international accommodation search sites such as Airbnb or Trip Advisor. 




Hotels, hostels, Bed & Breakfasts or Guest Houses

Hotel & Guest houses are also available in the city, please use the Visit Brighton accommodation listings to find a hotel or Bed & Breakfast that suits you. Prices are available on request from the hotel website or by contacting them directly. 



Would you like to become an ISE Host Family?

To become a registered ISE homestay host, you may apply by contacting our accommodation staff by email or by calling 01273 384800. 

Before you apply: Essentials you'll need to be a host:

If you meet these essential requirements, we will arrange a visit to view the room(s) and living spaces available before sending you students. 

Please read the ISE Hosting Guidelines for full requirements. 

Hosting Application Form (for prospective hosts) 

For further guidelines for hosting under 18's we reference: Childrens Act 1989.pdf (6MB)

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